We all must do our part. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. - Ask yourself "How Can I Help?"
Posted by: Brother Joe Aug 28, 2019

Begin with Honesty - When we put God first, the bible shows us the difference between good and evil.

Then add Common Sense - Each person's conscious sense of the difference between right and wrong.

Then add Content of the Heart - Our Unconscious sense of right and wrong. Who we are deep inside.

Then add Content of the Days News - A daily picture of what's right and wrong in our world that day.

All these things combined tell us what is, what should be, and we can unite and work together to increase the good things in ourselves and in our world. And, at the same time, identify what's wrong or undesirable in our world and take action to resolve those things that need improvement.

which step have you reached today?


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