We all believe in something, and each must decide "what is most important to me and what am I willing to do about it?" There is no reason to try for all who think there is no hope. But there are no limits for everyone who believes that all things are possible. Let every person who believes that good is better than evil ask, "what can we do to increase honesty and decrease corruption?"

What Can We Do?

The first thing we need to do is remind ourselves that "what's good for me, is also good for you, and you, and you, and everybody else." generally speaking. And "what's bad for me" works the same way. We already have everything we need to overcome all challenges and difficulties. We must find the resources available to us and use them to clearly reveal the problems for what they are. Then everybody who is ready, willing, and able, can work together to form a plan, asking "what can I do to help?" And then, we get busy.


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